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The name in Nathalie and I'm a bilingual (Spanish and English) Mexican-American girl living it up in San Diego.
In this journal you'll find a bunch of randomness and fanart. I make fanart consisting of my favorite shows like Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Heroes, One Tree Hill and etc. That's why I kinda made this LJ, to keep track of my own tutorials, my work, and tutorials from other users (in which you can find the HUGE list here) Plus I was planning on making myself a free little website with all that but I found it too complicated and too much html (hey I can only do the simple things) so I thought an LJ was way better. But most of the time its pretty much randomness because I really don't have time to make tutorials and post icons when I'm in school and/or working.

And even if I don't update my journal every day, I log on every day to look at my flist so I'm here every day :D

And that's basically it....enjoy my journal! :D
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