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.:An Unopened Letter to the World:.
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Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais? 
5th-Aug-2011 02:02 pm
HP Jensen
What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Je parle un peu francais. Je parle anglais et espagnol.

and that's from one semester of french 4 years ago :) lol

anywho my first language is Spanish since that's what my parents speak and then I gradually learned English through watching cartoons and being in bilingual classes from kindergarten through 4th grade in elementary school.

I really want to learn french though which is why I took one semester of it at SDSU. Since I now graduated I do want to eventually buy Rosetta Stone or something and learn it even more. What's awesome is because of my Spanish background and French being in that category of the Romance Languages, they are all pretty similar so if I read it or hear someone speak it I can probably pick up what they're saying. The same goes with Italian and Portuguese. Once the busy summer at work ends I'll look into the Rosetta Stone program thing and see if I can learn French even more.

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