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.:An Unopened Letter to the World:.
.:Nat's Little Art Corner:.
oh hai there! 
28th-Jul-2010 11:16 pm
Beyonce Countdown vid
hello all! I haven't written in over a month and I really have to blame first my job which is really busy time right now and second The Sims 2. yes the Sims 2 why? because I bought that game last summer and I only got to play at that time because of school. Since I'm in summer vacation right now well I have time to play. Anyways I was in the iconing mood tonight and decided to make a new icon...this time featuring my second favorite show right now (after Supernatural of course) the cast of the Vampire Diaries:

I saw that awesome pic from some of the cast at one of my hometown's biggest convention event, Comic-Con. I loved it so I decided to make an icon off of it, plus I haven't made any icons from the show so you can consider this one my first. Despite of living 15 minutes from the convention I've never been to Comic-Con because every year, whenever I want to buy my tickets they sell out! Or my friend who goes every year doesn't tell me on time what day she's going so I can go with her. But I swear I'm going to get more organized and next year I'm going! lol

So if you haven't given The Vampire Diaries a chance WATCH IT! it's good! The first couple of episodes are kinda slow but then it gets so much better, and the season finale was epic! so give it a chance!

(Deleted comment)
13th-Sep-2010 02:18 am (UTC)
sorry but...what are you talking about?
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