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Writer's Block: Happily ever after… 
15th-Jul-2011 06:13 pm
Wet Jensen
What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Besides becoming an Auror, I just hope he has a "normal" wizard life because after what he went through he deserves it because any other teenager could not possibly bare all the drama and stress lol

Taking some words from LJ's mood settings I hope he feels accomplished and content for defeating Voldemort. Curious of a wizarding world that doesn't involve someone trying to kill him. Excited for the life ahead. Grateful for the people that have helped him defeat Voldemort. Happy that he will finally live a sort of normal life. Hopeful that he will never have to go through something like that again. Optimistic of better wizarding world and a more peaceful one. Relaxed and satisfied that he has accomplished so much through his short life. Relieved that everything is finally over. And thankful for all the great wizards and witches that helped him, including those who passed away fighting the good fight.

Go have yourself a butter beer Harry....you deserve it.

I hope he will in the long-run write some sort of book or something describing the steps that need to be taken to defeat a big bad wizard gone wrong so others may not have to suffer as much and defeat them in a shorter time period.

goodbye childhood, you officially ended at 2:30 this past morning.

16th-Jul-2011 02:10 am (UTC) - AWWWWW
SO SWEET YOUR WORDS!!!! Here I saw it at 10.00. I didn't like it. It is full of special effect and not much plot. Like in the book I think. But at least the final was tremendous great! way better that the book!
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