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Artists I've Seen Live.. 
28th-Apr-2011 10:43 pm
Wet Jensen
WHOA has it really been since September since I posted on here? wow..well two reasons: work and school. They're pretty much my life right now but in a couple of weeks I'll be graduating with my BA *does happy dance* so I'm super excited to finish this school thing I've been doing since I was 5

but anywho I have this as a Note on facebook but I thought I would post it here too :)...this is a list of all the artists I've seen live. As you could probably tell by looking at it I go to A LOT of concerts, I really do. I don't really go shopping or buy a bunch of expensive bags or shoes, so instead I spend my money on seeing my favorite artists live as I believe you truly don't see the capability of a true artist until you go see them live. Well without further a do, first is the list of the best concerts I've been to and after the el-jay cut is the rest of the list in sorta time chronological order....

Top 5 Best Concerts:

1. Kanye West/ N.E.R.D./Rihanna/Lupe Fiasco Glow in the Dark [4.20.08]

2. Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2011 [3.29.11]

3. Mana Amar es Compartir Tour [2.10.07]

4. Beyonce I Am Tour [7.11.09]

5. No Doubt [8.8.09]



Artist I've Seen Live:

OV7 [5.17.04]

Juanes [5.3.05] [5.3.08]


Mana [2.10.07]

Baby Bash [5.11.07]

Frankie J [5.11.07]

Ciara [5.11.07]

Robin Thicke [5.11.07] [8.26.07]

Ludacris [5.11.07]

Fergie [5.11.07]

Beyonce [8.26.07] [7.11.09]

The Hives [11.9.07]

Phantom Planet [11.9.07]

Maroon 5 [11.9.07] [9.13.08] [10.16.10]

George Lopez [3.15.08]

Lupe Fiasco [4.20.08] [4.22.11]

N.E.R.D. [4.20.08]

Rihanna [4.20.08]

Kanye West [4.20.08]

Reik [5.9.09]

Alejandro Fernandez [9.12.08]

Agustana [9.13.08]

Panic! At the Disco [8.8.09]

No Doubt [8.8.09]

Julieta Venegas [5.1.10]

Banda el Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga [5.8.10]

J-L-S [5.14.10]

Jason DeRulo [5.14.10]

B.o.B. [5.14.10]

Kesha [5.14.10]

Akon [5.14.10]

Justin Bieber [5.14.10]

Usher [5.14.10] [11.17.10]

Moenia [5.15.10]

Camila [5.16.10]

A.B. Quintanilla y Kumbia All Starz [5.22.10]

OneRepublic [7.2.10] [10.16.10]

Bruno Mars [10.16.10]

Miguel [11.17.10]

Trey Songz [11.17.10]

Scissor Sisters [3.29.11]

Lady Gaga [3.29.11]

Steve Aoki [4.22.11]


and that's it for now I'll add to the list as I go to concerts which I have two coming up btw one in a couple of weeks and another in June :)

2nd-May-2011 02:40 pm (UTC) - Congratulations then!
Por tu proxima graduación, ha de ser super chido, que después de tantos años ya ves atrás y ves por todo lo que se ha pasado en tantos años de estudio y saber que ya estas más que puesta para poder ejercitar para lo que tanto te has preparado.

Felicidades y que seas de las mejores haciendo ese trabajo para lo cual dedicaste una parte de tu vida
2nd-May-2011 10:09 pm (UTC) - Re: Congratulations then!
muchas gracias!!

Si ya tantos años ya estoy ansiosa por terminar! Ya estoy ansiosa y estoy contando los dias que hasta no tengo ganas de hacer nada! Pero se que todavia tengo que pasar las clases y hecharle un ultimo ezfuercito :)
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