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HP Jensen
What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Je parle un peu francais. Je parle anglais et espagnol.

and that's from one semester of french 4 years ago :) lol

anywho my first language is Spanish since that's what my parents speak and then I gradually learned English through watching cartoons and being in bilingual classes from kindergarten through 4th grade in elementary school.

I really want to learn french though which is why I took one semester of it at SDSU. Since I now graduated I do want to eventually buy Rosetta Stone or something and learn it even more. What's awesome is because of my Spanish background and French being in that category of the Romance Languages, they are all pretty similar so if I read it or hear someone speak it I can probably pick up what they're saying. The same goes with Italian and Portuguese. Once the busy summer at work ends I'll look into the Rosetta Stone program thing and see if I can learn French even more.

16th-Jul-2011 10:24 pm - in honor of Harry Potter
Bobble Head Jensen!!
I have Harry Potterized my favorite Jensen icon :)


lol my new default

15th-Jul-2011 06:13 pm - Writer's Block: Happily ever after…
Wet Jensen
What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Besides becoming an Auror, I just hope he has a "normal" wizard life because after what he went through he deserves it because any other teenager could not possibly bare all the drama and stress lol

Taking some words from LJ's mood settings I hope he feels accomplished and content for defeating Voldemort. Curious of a wizarding world that doesn't involve someone trying to kill him. Excited for the life ahead. Grateful for the people that have helped him defeat Voldemort. Happy that he will finally live a sort of normal life. Hopeful that he will never have to go through something like that again. Optimistic of better wizarding world and a more peaceful one. Relaxed and satisfied that he has accomplished so much through his short life. Relieved that everything is finally over. And thankful for all the great wizards and witches that helped him, including those who passed away fighting the good fight.

Go have yourself a butter beer Harry....you deserve it.

I hope he will in the long-run write some sort of book or something describing the steps that need to be taken to defeat a big bad wizard gone wrong so others may not have to suffer as much and defeat them in a shorter time period.

goodbye childhood, you officially ended at 2:30 this past morning.

28th-Apr-2011 10:43 pm - Artists I've Seen Live..
Wet Jensen
WHOA has it really been since September since I posted on here? wow..well two reasons: work and school. They're pretty much my life right now but in a couple of weeks I'll be graduating with my BA *does happy dance* so I'm super excited to finish this school thing I've been doing since I was 5

but anywho I have this as a Note on facebook but I thought I would post it here too :)...this is a list of all the artists I've seen live. As you could probably tell by looking at it I go to A LOT of concerts, I really do. I don't really go shopping or buy a bunch of expensive bags or shoes, so instead I spend my money on seeing my favorite artists live as I believe you truly don't see the capability of a true artist until you go see them live. Well without further a do, first is the list of the best concerts I've been to and after the el-jay cut is the rest of the list in sorta time chronological order....

Top 5 Best Concerts:

1. Kanye West/ N.E.R.D./Rihanna/Lupe Fiasco Glow in the Dark [4.20.08]

2. Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2011 [3.29.11]

3. Mana Amar es Compartir Tour [2.10.07]

4. Beyonce I Am Tour [7.11.09]

5. No Doubt [8.8.09]



and the list goes on...Collapse )
Beyonce Countdown vid
How do you feel about Kanye West admitting his past mistakes and apologizing to Taylor Swift on Twitter? Is he trying to win hearts back?

I think it was really nice of him to apologize. When the incident happened, he had been suffering a lot due to his mom's death and because he was working, he never really had time to mourn her. Personally, I'm Team Kanye before 09 VMA's, after 09 VMA's and forever and ever, and his douchiness doesn't take away the amazing music he does. As for last night at the VMA's he did an amazing performance and his song about Kanye, definitely beat Taylor Swift's song about Kanye. EW put on their bulleyes that Kanye apologizing was a way for him to buy his new album coming out soon, but I don't think so. People will still buy it not matter what (incluing me) because his music is that good.
28th-Jul-2010 11:16 pm - oh hai there!
Beyonce Countdown vid
hello all! I haven't written in over a month and I really have to blame first my job which is really busy time right now and second The Sims 2. yes the Sims 2 why? because I bought that game last summer and I only got to play at that time because of school. Since I'm in summer vacation right now well I have time to play. Anyways I was in the iconing mood tonight and decided to make a new icon...this time featuring my second favorite show right now (after Supernatural of course) the cast of the Vampire Diaries:

I saw that awesome pic from some of the cast at one of my hometown's biggest convention event, Comic-Con. I loved it so I decided to make an icon off of it, plus I haven't made any icons from the show so you can consider this one my first. Despite of living 15 minutes from the convention I've never been to Comic-Con because every year, whenever I want to buy my tickets they sell out! Or my friend who goes every year doesn't tell me on time what day she's going so I can go with her. But I swear I'm going to get more organized and next year I'm going! lol

So if you haven't given The Vampire Diaries a chance WATCH IT! it's good! The first couple of episodes are kinda slow but then it gets so much better, and the season finale was epic! so give it a chance!

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16th-Jun-2010 07:59 pm - World Cup South Africa 2010!
Beyonce Countdown vid
Soo I'm super exited the world cup is going on right now! I haven't been able to watch the games since they've all been in the morning for me but I am watching the summaries though. So in honor of it, I will be sporting my Memo Ochoa icon. Being Mexican-American, I am rooting for Mexico (for the US too but not so much, mostly Mexico) and well he is my soccer boyfriend! He's 24 and is going to make his World Cup as the goalkeeper debut against France tomorrow! He's also the goalie for my favorite soccer team from Mexico, Aguilas del America. I will be rooting for him to do good tomorrow so that he'll look good and Mexico will win, even though I won't be able to watch due to me being scheduled for a leadership class for work at the same time :/

He actually came and made his official debut for the Mexican National team in a scrimmage match against some other country here in San Diego two years and I begged my dad to go but he didn't take me!! To this day I still tell him that I will never forgive him for not taking me to the game when he knew I wanted to go really bad! Two things in my bucket list is to go to a Mexico soccer game (where Memo will hopefully be playing) and to a Aguilas del America game so hopefully they'll come true one day...

Anyways keep an eye on him tomorrow if you watch the game, but in the meantime here's a pic spam of him after the cut and of other hot soccer players

hot players picture spam galore!Collapse )
Beyonce Countdown vid
Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

Well my birth name is Natalie so yeah I actually like it..I don't mind it lol. I used to spell my name Nathalie (which I like way better because its unique) but when I got my birth certificate done again when I was around 10 so me and my family can go to Mexico the stupid lady who did it didn't realize it was spelled with an H so she wrote it in without. My parents didn't realize until later so right now legally my name is spelled without the H. I've had problems at first with my taxes because my work had it with the H so I had to change it there too..its fucked up yeah I know but my parents can't find my orginal birth certificate from the hospital to prove it spelled that way so I'm stuck with the regular Natalie for now....

I've always liked the name Isabella (and not because of Twilight OK) I also like the name Alexis so idk maybe I would have changed it to either of those two but then I have a cousin with the name Isabella so I think that would be a little weird.
12th-Jan-2010 06:15 pm - new layout! \o/
Beyonce Countdown vid
got a new layout!! woohoo!! I like the dark layouts better than the light ones tbh
I had to goggle "lj layouts" for me to find one sincethe two communities in my f-list are not that active anymore. I tried searching for one but couldn't find another active one!! if anyone knows of one please share lol

anywho that's one item off my things-to-do before I start school!!! good bye! :D
7th-Jan-2010 06:30 pm - i miss iconing
Dean B&W

omg Happy late Christmas and Happy Late New Years everyone!!

I've been so bad in writing in this thing...well first of all I was gone for two weeks on holiday vacation in Mexico with my family so I didn't really log on much and at the end of last year I was really busy with work and school I didn't have much time to log on, in fact I don't remember the last time I checked my f-list! shame...

anywho I really really really want to make a new icon tutorial list because I really do miss iconing and making fanart so in these two weeks before I start school I'm going to hunt down some handy tutorials, put them in my memories and make a list!! I'm determined to do that lol and I also want to make some new icons because really I've had this sexy Dean icon for a while now I want a new sexy Dean icon lol ok changed that to a now have a new icon featuring Sam and Dean...entered it for a lims round that never finished that has been inactive since september so whatever I don't care lol. Maybe I'll join some lims or icontest to get me started i don't know....

so I'm off to look for tutorials...hopefully I will post a new tutorial list soon

and I also need a new layout to start of 2010! I'll also look for one of those too lol anywho talk to you guys laters bye!
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